3 Ways HUD Is Making Senior Housing Financing Easier in 2017

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Top 3 HUD Handbook Changes for Senior Housing Borrowers 

Senior housing companies have long been able to obtain financing through the Section 232 Healthcare Mortgage Insurance program under the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

An update to the 232 Handbook recently has taken effect in 2017, improving access to that financing in several key ways. Senior housing borrowers may be able to obtain HUD financing more quickly and for a greater variety of uses, and some previously ineligible borrowers may now qualify.

Download this white paper to familiarize yourself with the following updates:

  • Headline changes related to debt seasoning requirements.
  • Identity of interest and buyout scenarios.
  • Operator debt options.
  • And more!

The revised handbook has created a win-win situation for senior housing owners and lenders. Download this free white paper from HHC Finance today to find out more.

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