How to Leverage Technology to Keep Residents Happy & Staff Efficient


Leveraging Senior Living Technology

Emphasis on acuity is rising across the senior housing and care spectrum, putting pressure on organizations to manage their services and properties more closely than ever.

Providers need solutions that address this changing landscape. They understand that by providing better care, both residents and staff who work in senior living will be happier.

RealPage provides a host of solutions to help senior living operators better manage their businesses. From multiple payment options that give residents and family members the ultimate in convenience to online maintenance management that allows operators to staff more efficiently. RealPage’s suite of senior living services is helping providers save time, reduce costs, and, most importantly, provide better care.

This whitepaper includes important information on:

  • Screening Residents in Real Time

  • Budgeting and Accounting

  • Managing Facilities and Maintenance Online

  • Managing Incidents

  • Managing Senior Prospects

  • Integrating Solutions

"Going from paper to RealPage was a huge jump but it was worth it," says Kelli Mattingly, Director of Compliance and Information Services for property management group The Wilkinson Family Companies. "It was a dramatic change for them, but it made staff better equipped to manage their business and deliver stellar results."

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