The Next Big Challenge: Building & Operating Middle Income Senior Housing


Building & Operating Middle Income Senior Housing

The middle market for senior housing is vast. Millions of baby boomers are approaching their later years, and many will seek senior housing and care solutions. Yet for the majority of them, those solutions are financially out of reach. 

Senior living consulting firm Plante Moran Living Forward recently compiled data to define and explain the middle market and explore how some senior housing players are pioneering programs and models that will lend themselves to the rising model of the future of the middle market. 

This whitepaper includes information on:

  • Defining the Middle Market 
  • Senior Housing Options and Costs 
  • Controlling Development Costs 
  • How to Solve the Problem 

While the problem won't be solved overnight, senior living providers will be well served to continue the conversation about the middle market, and to view it not just as a challenge, but as a major opportunity in years to come. 

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